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Over fifty car insurance from

Motorists in the over-50 age bracket have a new ally in the form of an aptly-titled website at This is a price comparison site with a twist: whilst it has the usual button that takes the user straight to a separate page for generating quotes, it also has pages that provide some very useful information for drivers in their fifties.

The landing page sets out the website's stall very well: it provides a thorough overview of the car insurance market with a focus on some of the sharp practices employed to trap the unwary. The gist of the message is that drivers of this age may well be paying more than necessary and whilst it's easy to write this off as scaremongering, the information provided gives some very compelling reasons for drivers to review their insurance deals on a yearly basis.

This is the most outstanding feature of this website: it's rich with well-researched information without being overly sales-y. All data on the landing page is backed up with relevant sources, and a graph is provided for easy analysis of the amounts that different age groups pay for insurance.

The landing page also gives helpful information for getting the best deals followed by the all-important link for the price comparison page. Further tabs provide information on getting cheaper car insurance, insurance pitfalls to avoid and further useful information. Once again, the information on each tab provides useful, impartial advice with the 'cheaper insurance' section adding cautionary information concerning price comparison sites.

Whilst this may seem counter-productive considering the price comparison feature, it's a refreshingly honest approach to helping motorists make an informed choice and get the best deal. The other information on the website quickly gives the user a good insight into the workings of the insurance sector, with the 'useful information' section providing some interesting analysis of future trends in the market alongside safe winter driving tips.

The site is easy to navigate, and hovering over each tab automatically brings down a menu, with further embedded links in the text nicely linking the site together.

The impression given by is that it genuinely has the interests of the older motorist at heart. Whilst the presentation of the site could be brighter and the font more inspiring, the no-nonsense style of the site may well appeal to a more discerning group of motorists.


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